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Digital Transformation of the Dairy Sector

The Covid-19 pandemic has for sure brought major upheavals. While many sectors faced the brunt of it, the dairy sector gradually witnessed an upsurge. The health challenges faced by the people brought enlightenment amongst the masses regarding the importance and inclusion of nutrition in their food habits. Milk and its products, which already occupied a prime position in the diet regime, saw a significant rise in demand, owing to its health benefits.

Well, this ought to have been good news for the dairy industry as far as business is concerned. But unfortunately, it proved to be chaotic for some, due to poor supply chain management and obsolete manual methods still being used to a large extent. The supply chain of the dairy sector hence faced the challenge to cater to the accelerated demand in the market.

It is alarming to note that even today, in the age of technology, machinery used in milk collection centres to check milk fat content, SNF, and water content continues to be inefficient at numerous places. Besides, they are prone to manual adjustments, which can’t be noticed easily and thus, run the risk of malpractices. Farmers receive irregular payments as there’s no transparency in the system.

On the other hand, those who used the new technology were able to convert the woeful situation to a favourable one. Here are some of the digital solutions by Prompt that can help one achieve these goals.

iSmart Milk Analyzer is the new-age technology for milk quality testing

Prompt Equipments’ iSmart Milk Analyzer, first in the Indian dairy industry, is a smart and intelligent solution for testing milk Fat and SNF. It accurately measures Fat, SNF, added water, and density of milk in about 40 seconds. It is capable of storing all this data in the Cloud Server. All the available historical data can be analyzed to provide actionable insights and help make important business decisions.

The iSmart Milk Analyzer is intelligent enough to assess its own conditions properly. The unit works only when it passes all ‘power-on’ self-tests. Moreover, the reminder about periodic intervals of cleaning ensures the correct result. The calibration through a mobile app and Cloud, is certainly the product’s USP. The fact that it can be calibrated by an authorized person alone, guarantees correct payment to the farmers and increases transparency between stakeholders. Apart from milk quality data, calibration log, error log, and machine cleaning log is also maintained on the cloud server by this smart machine.

ultrasonic milk analyzer


Milkocheck, a calibration checking solution, eliminates the hassle of collecting multiple milk samples across the complete range of Fat and SNF. With Milkocheck, you get a set of four bottles containing a liquid that imitates the properties of milk maintained at various FAT and SNF levels. These bottles act as milk samples and help in the calibration of any make of ultrasonic milk analyzer. There’s a unique code on every single-use bottle, which is verified through a mobile app before being used. The portal where the calibration data is stored is accessible to relevant personnel alone.

Besides these products, Prompt has numerous other technically advanced products that not only make milk supply chain faster, but also profoundly more efficient, accurate and profitable. Prompt has come a long way to realize its vision of transforming the Indian dairy industry and improving the lives of those involved in the dairy supply chain. Our in-house R&D team works day and night to create solutions that are beneficial to the stakeholders of the dairy industry.

You can find out more about them here.

Technological developments have made the dairy sector more resilient, efficient and sustainable even in the testing times such as the pandemic. One can only turn the situation to its advantage by adopting, deploying and integrating new digital advancements in place of the obsolete ones.

In sync with the government’s motto of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’, Prompt is foremost in aiding the Dairy sector with technologically advanced equipments. So come and become part of windfall gains even in harsh conditions.

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