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How ‘Cool’ is your Bulk Milk Cooler?

Fresh milk is often compared to ‘white gold’. But retaining its freshness and nutrition is quite a challenge! 

To overcome this problem, chilling of milk within the first hour of milking is crucial. Otherwise, the essential nutrients present in the milk start to deplete. The proliferation of bacteria may make the milk unfit for consumption, even before it reaches the processing stage. This wastage of milk can prove to be expensive for the farmer and affect the dairy industry on the whole. 

Bulk Milk Coolers have certainly aided the dairy industry by minimizing this milk wastage. BMC have been set up at village/primary collection centres where the milk can be chilled to the required 4 degree C, at the earliest. It inhibits the bacterial growth, thereby safeguarding the milk’s nutrients especially in the summer season when the temperature escalates to a high degree. 

However, one ought to keep in mind that simply the installation of Bulk Milk Coolers is not enough. The upkeep of BMC comes with certain regulations. It has been observed that some of the dairies are unable to achieve proper results inspite of installing BMC. Inefficient chilling affects the freshness of milk. Lack of timely and improper cleaning is also a deterrent. Above all, there is no real-time data to monitor BMC. 

Here Prompt’s BMC SmartBox comes to the rescue. It has successfully sought a solution to these shortcomings. BMC SmartBox is a robust, highly configurable system for real-time Monitoring of Bulk Milk Cooling Operations, to preserve quality of milk and support dynamic route planning.  

Here is a simple table to understand the benefits of Bulk Milk Cooler with Prompt’ SmartBox. 

The continuous monitoring of quantity of milk, temperature status, multiple compressors & agitator status, and power supply status has proved to be a boon. If proper temperature of BMC is not maintained, it may lead to spoiling, curdling or souring of milk. Sometimes, if there is an issue in rotation of agitator, it may lead to icing of milk.

The Cleaning-in-Process (CIP) of Bulk Milk Cooler, as per required standards not only rules out the contamination of milk but also makes the whole process of cleaning easier and reliable. The inbuilt battery backup continues to monitor the status of BMCs even in case of power failures.   

Furthermore, it indicates the volume of milk available at any particular BMC facility through comprehensive reports of milk collection quantity, in real-time. This feature helps in milk stock planning and allows the logistics team to dynamically design tanker routes and ensure fast milk collection at low costs. Additionally, the data is stored in its internal memory card in case of connectivity issues.   

The BMC SmartBox Software comes with a mobile app and web-based application that helps the user to monitor and analyze the data in real-time. This facilitates timely action and informed business decisions. 

BMC SmartBox is the answer to monitoring milk chilling operations in the field.   

The substantiveness of BMC SmartBox has therefore proved to be a benison for the dairy industry. It undoubtedly optimizes the system.  

If you have any more queries about the aforesaid equipment, just drop us a line and our product specialist will help you out. Your promptness would help you keep your BMC ‘cool and smart’. Maintain the quality of your milk and reap the benefits! 


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