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Cloud Calibration Enabled Milk Testing Equipment

Milk Testing Equipment are a very significant part of the Milk Procurement Process in the Dairy Supply Chain. It tests various quality parameters of the milk poured by dairy farmers such as FAT, SNF, Protein, Added Water, Density, etc. at Milk Collection Center. The test results ensure optimum earnings to the dairy farmers for their milk and ensure good quality milk is procured in the Dairy Supply Chain.

Prompt’s Innovative Milk Testing Equipment

Prompt offers cutting-edge, technologically advanced solutions for the Dairy Industry. The two types of Milk Testing Equipment provided by Prompt include:

  1. iSmart Milk Analyzer: iSmart is an Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer that measures milk FAT, SNF, added water, and milk density. iSmart Milk Analyzer is a patented product and India’s foremost smart and highly intelligent Milk Analyzer. It is the only 100% indigenous product available in India.
  2. Smart Fatomatic: Smart Fatomatic is a Milk Testing Equipment of Prompt which is a quick, precise, and efficient way of measuring FAT content in the milk through light scattering technology. This patented product has been in the market since 1999 and is widely popular across India.

Calibration of Milk Testing Equipment

Accurate calibration of Milk Testing Equipments is important as it ensures the standard performance of the equipment. If the equipment is properly calibrated, then it will show accurate milk content and then only the farmer can be paid optimally and the requisite quality of milk can be ensured in the Dairy Supply Chain, ultimately benefitting the dairy.

Despite the huge size of the Indian Dairy Industry, calibration of Milk Testing Equipments remains a challenge. Generally, the status of the calibration of the Milk Testing Equipment is not checked on a regular/ periodic basis. Calibration is only checked when there are numerous complaints of improper analysis or when there is a breakdown. One of the other problems is that the calibration is largely done manually across the country, which means there remains a scope of human error. Also, it cannot be warranted if the equipment is free from any kinds of manual adjustments or malpractices. Thus, the need of the hour is to have an assured system of calibrating the Milk Testing Equipments.

Secured, Cloud Calibration of Milk Testing Equipments

Prompt has developed a conventional, innovative way of calibrating the Milk Testing Equipments, which is devoid of manual intervention and can also be done directly by the Dairy, at the central level.

Calibration of Milk Testing Equipments of Prompt can be done only through Bluetooth-enabled Mobile App, which is provided to authorized person only. Once the equipment is calibrated, the calibration data is updated on the cloud through the web portal provided by Prompt. The Dairy can view this calibration data in real-time. Alternatively, Dairy can also calibrate the Milk Testing Equipments centrally by entering the data of control samples through a web portal. Thus, the calibration of the Milk Testing Equipment at the Collection Center remains in alignment with that of the Dairy. This makes the entire process of calibration secured, tamper-proof and authentic. All the data of calibration is stored online through which various analytics can be done for actionable insights and informed decisions can be taken for the dairy business.

Key Take-Aways

Cloud-enabled calibration of Milk Testing Equipment is thus an advanced, digital, secured method of ensuring the accuracy of test results of equipment. It results in transparency across stakeholders of Dairy Supply Chain, optimal earnings to farmers and overall profitability to the Dairy.

Prompt milk analyzer

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