How latest Milk Testing Machines can benefit Milk Industry?

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India, a country which is more reliant on agriculture farm than any other industries. It has been more than 70 years; still, the priority is occupied by agriculture and dairy farming.As per the stat. Shared by National Dairy Development Board, the milk production of the year 2017-2018 was 176.3 Million Tonnes.

Though the initial results were rough (in the starting of the dairy industry), the whole scenario changed later. But have you ever thought about how the imperfect journey of dairy industry turned into a successful one? Well, for that we should thank the latest technology based machines like milk testing machine and fat measuring machine which addressed graveness to the white Industry.The initiative by Verghese Kurien changed the perspective of dairy farming in India, ultimately leading to the introduction of technologies which approved itself in intensifying the milk quality and guaranteed fair proceedings. 

The dairy industry has been profitable but certainly faced a few hurdles which questioned the entire milk-supply chain. But stressing on a problem rather than the solution is never a smart option. It was justified by the people involved in the industry. The involvement of latest technologies has indeed decreased the percentage of ambiguity.
Well, the addition of milk testing equipment and Ultrasonic milk analyzer testing equipment have also revolutionized the Industry and reduce the quality compromise.

How ultrasonic milk analyzer and fat measuring machine changed the Outline?

Whenever a question was raised on the milk quality, there were no ways to check it. The contamination in milk and even low quality signified the need for advancement. Later, when Prompt Softech brought modern technology, the complete result shifted to the positive side.

Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer is a machine which enables the measurement of milk FAT & SNF and checks water proportion while calculating milk density.

On the other side, Fatomatic helps the farmers in calculating the milk fat. It gives the proper milk measurement while calculating the fat content present in it.

Let’s now check -Features of Good milk testing machine:

1) Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer:

• Calculates Fat content: The Prompt Softech’s machine calculates fat content in the Milk. The measurement scale varies as per the variation occurred in milk type.
• Milk Solid Non-Fat (SNF): The second feature of this machine is that it measures the SNF content present in Milk. This milk-fat testing equipment provides correct data of Solid Non-Fat in the Milk.
• Water Proportion: This analyzer machine also measures the amount of water present in the Milk. It signifies the water content present in Milk within 0% to 60%.
• Milk Density: This machine shares the actual milk density of the Milk based on variation in the milk type.

2) Fatomatic:

• Smooth Operation: It’s effortless to use this machine. It provides a hassle-free setup system, cleaning and operations.
• Wide Range of Operating Voltage: The machine designed by Prompt Equipment is master in managing a wide range of voltage without tripping or damage to the machine
• No Human Error: It assures no human error and provides an absolute result.
The regular use of the analyzing machines has indeed depleted the questions of mal-function and adulterations in the milk industry. It also guided the farmers by providing the real status of the milk, ultimately escaping the farmers from catch 22 situations.
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