How can you improve your dairy farming?

The scenario of milk production has undoubtedly changed in the last few decades, but the profit of farmers isn’t much observed. The reason can be weak managing system or procurement of milk at a low cost. Though an increase in production might cheer them up at the end, the low earnings cost the fading of the smile.  So what can be a better solution to end up the mismanagement and low earning?

So, I decided to peep into the dairy farming world to get a closer view of all the problems and begin the hunt for solutions.

I visited a small village which was untouched by development and technology. People over there were spinning the old dairy farming culture and crying for stagnant earnings.

I met a few people in person and had a look at their cow shelter. I concluded the analysis and tried to find out the best solution.  

” How can you improve your dairy farming ?”

Performance Goals: The irregular schedules and casual glance over the health of the cattle cost worst sometimes. The lack of goal orientation could be a possible reason behind the not so good health of the cows. One should keep a track over the health of the animal, especially checking the subclinical mastitis. If it had already affected the cattle, then one should target to minimize the risk of other infections.

Rapidly Identify Problems: The inaccessibility to available technology and lack of knowledge leads to uncounted hazards. Sometimes it affects the health of the cattle and sometimes the earning. Adopting technologies and devices which can inform and alert about the health and activities can unquestionably help in improving the status. Nowadays, wearable tags are emerging as the most reliable collar device that can sense all the events and measure the body temperature of the cattle. It alerts or notifies the changes on the device connected, hence helps in detecting problem at an early stage.

Hygiene is a priority: Untidy cow shelter and milking process can affect the health of the cow. Maintaining clean and healthy cow shelter should be added as the first step for keeping good health of the mooing animals. This practice will inevitably change the health and bucks outline.

Milking routine and hygiene: It has been observed that executing a proper milking schedule had shown a significant difference in the health and quality of milk. Sometimes it is noted that farmer’s don’t clean their hand before milking the cow, and this results in udder infection. So, the inclusion of an automatic milking machine can excellently solve the issue. It not only slits the time consumption but also assures for health management.

Check your milk quality: Being unaware of the milk you are selling turns frustrating. You can not predict the accurate costing and get enough bucks for the milk. So using a proper system which can determine the fat and SNF of the milk can help you in getting the right cost for it. Today milk testing equipment like Fatomatic or Milk analyzer can check the milk quality.

Maintain Proper Treatment Protocols: Maintaining the schedules for a regular checkup or by being connected to vet regularly can change the stat of cow’s health. There are many apps which provide information about proper cattle management and even educate about new technologies. You can also seek the help of a veterinarian for creating a timetable.

Prioritize Dry Cows: It is essential to look after the dry cows. Provide them proper food, clean living space and dry surrounding for non-lactating cows. Don’t shelter them near sick cattle and feed highly nutritious food.

Few additions in your daily life and schedule can introduce so many changes in health and wealth. So, without spending much time on your plight, use latest technology and machines to improve your dairy farm.

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