It’s time to Boost your Dairy Farming with an IoT solution

India, where 61-62% of the population is engaged in farming is still lagging behind many countries in term of development and income. The farmers who are entirely dependent on agriculture for their living are breathing under the umbra of debt and poverty. Well, when prompt equipments learned about the losses and darkness surviving in the agriculture section, it dug out the reasons behind it. 

Let’s check out the reasons behind the unsuccessful story of Indian agriculture. The misconception and lack of knowledge have always barred in the growth of development in agriculture. Farmers have been feeding animals without any accurate knowledge of what to feed and how much to feed. The other factor which was never questioned before was what to feed to which breed? The uncalculated and random steps followed by the farmers have ended many lives of cattle. The productivity has decreased, or the quality has been low because of lack of education in the scientific process like breeding, vaccination, feeding etc. The farmers have not been maintaining the essential details like age, breed, lactation and many others. The necessary information about earning and expenditures were not noticed.
The company developed an IoT based animal husbandry software to overcome the issues bubbling in the cattle management.

The FARM 365 Animal Husbandry Software is a solution to make smart dairy farming. The software is IoT based that can help in improving the milk production of the animals by assisting farmers in cattle management.
The software records every detail of the cattle and informs the farmers about the necessary process and needs. It helps in managing the feeding pattern according to the breed.The data recorded are stored over the cloud so that farmers can get access to it at any time.
Let’s go through the features which can change the present dairy management into smart dairy farming dairy technology:
1)  Detailed Information stored: The software stores all the necessary details of the cattle like name, animal tag number, farmer’s name, weight, girth, birthdate, current age, height, AI date, calving date, PD date,  breed name, lactation, category ,photo, animal price, vaccine detail, etc.

2) Milk Record: The cattle management app maintains the milk production records like milking cycle, total milk production, the month of milking, number of milking days, and current milk production.

3) Vaccination alert: The IoT dairy app records and stores necessary vaccination details like vaccine name, animal code, vaccine description and the vaccination injection date and the next vaccination date.

4) Alerts: The software pop notifications and sends alert messages to Farmers and AI workers for heat,  PD, AI, Drying up, calf rearing, medical check-up, calving and for many other events.

5) Breeding update: Well, this software also keeps the record of animal type, breed type, milk production & average milk content like SNF and Fat.

6)  Reports: The cattle management app provides updated reports like Farmer Income/Expense Report, Animal Kardex Report, and Lactation Curve (actual lactation vs standard lactation).

7) Food to feed: The smart dairy farming dairy technology has helped the farmers by generation balanced ration for each registered animal while assuring the minimum expense. It always calculates the amount of the quota needed according to data recorded about cattle like feed name, feed category, quantity, rate/kg, total amount, and TDN & CP composition of the ration.

8) Video helps: The dairy IoT based app consist of video tutorials to assist and explain about the animal welfare, farm management, feed programs, and hygiene maintenance of the animals and farm.

9) Health Report: The app-based monitory system alerts doctors about the changes in health sequence of the animal and informs about any negative issues. The associated doctor immediately assign a task to an AI worker to look through the problem and undertake proper action.

10) Seek Help: The AI worker and Farmer can seek the help of doctor anytime to resolve any queries/problems and challenges.

11)  Language no bar: The dairy farming solution dairy IOT software is available in Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi language, English. So language can never be a bar for access.

12 Anytime Access: The app can run in both offline and online mode which provides full accessibility to it even if not present in the network area. The AI worker or farmer can store information locally on their device and then sync it online to the cloud once the internet connection is available.

Thus prompt equipments has gifted an end to end dairy farming solution to boost the dairy industry. If you have any experience or want to know something else, please comment in the comment box.

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