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The Complete Digital solution to Dairy Farm Management

While India prides itself for being the largest producer of milk in the world, one cannot ignore the fact that Indian dairy industry is still lumbering its way to progress since a substantial amount of milk is handled by the unorganised sector. Lack of technology in this unorganised sector is the major reason for its woeful state. India has about three times as many dairy animals as the USA, yet the milk yield per animal is only about one tenth of that in the USA, and about one fifth of New Zealand. The situation can ameliorate drastically by embracing and implementing technology for farm management.

Even in the developed countries, before the intensive use of technology, monitoring cattle and its health was a costly and laborious affair. India’s organised sector is quickly catching up with global technology, thus generating profound changes in productivity of cows and efficiency in dairy farming.

Prompt’s Farm 365 Dairy Farm Management App has the potential to make a drastic difference to dairy farm management.

Salient Features:

Data Recording

Keeping a record of relevant information regarding the cattle is indispensable for a dairy farm to thrive. Hence, considering the hardships and hurdles that the farmer encounters in keeping a manual record of each of his animal’s health, Prompt’s Farm365 digital solution has eased it immensely by providing accurate and reliable data. It covers all the requisite parameters needed for dairy farm management: vaccination, heat period, AI, PD, calving, feeding, lactation record, etc. The seamless user interface helps the farmers with recording data of life-cycle of events of the cattle.

It records historical data which helps to monitor milk productivity and efficiency of the cattle. This digitally advanced offering has a web portal synced to the application for advanced data analysis. Moreover, the farmer need not get perturbed by the lack of stable internet connectivity, for the application works offline as well as online. It conveniently syncs with the central server once the internet is available. The digitalisation eliminates errors and inaccuracy which are more likely when done manually.

Furthermore, the data recording of each individual animal improves the breed, prevents in-breeding, promotes data-driven animal trading and monitors the key performance Indicators of cattle.

Ration Balancing Program

Another challenge faced by the farmer is regarding the fodder of the cattle. The inbuilt ration balance calculator of this software ensures actual nutritional requirements of each animal. The adoption of this software assures the dairy farmer that the cattle would get optimum nutrition and prevents overfeeding or underfeeding. In the long run, the medical cost is greatly reduced.

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Financial Analysis

Integrating Farm 365 cattle management software helps the farmers in managing finances also. This digital technology has the ability to precisely collate and store data for the farmer’s long-term benefits. The data built up over time naturally empowers a farmer with correct and precise records hence ensuring enhanced productivity which further leads to profitability. The quick, regular and real-time data can be used by the farmer as per the individual needs of each cattle. By evaluating the feeding regimes and timely identifying the health issues the farmer is able to use his resources more effectively. It is known that cattle should be inseminated within 10 to 12 hours after it comes in heat. But with the obsolete methods of keeping records, a farmer often tends to forget or miss the dates. Consequently, they have to bear a loss of 4000 – 4500 per missed heat. Thus, record-keeping is a must to improve breeding and increase the profitability of the farm.

Actionable Alerts

Alerts are sent to service providers and veterinarians, thus reducing inter-calving period which leads to healthy cattle and a profitable farm.

Fortunately, with the increasing digitalisation in India, smartphones have become a great asset in long term planning. Farm365 app is quite handy and uniquely designed to cater to the needs of Indian farmers. Its availability in English, Hindi and Gujarati languages enhances its usability. This digital creation is not only a friend but also a farmer’s guide because it imparts education regarding scientific farm management practices.  If only we could digitalize our dairy farms, we can hope for unprecedented results. The farmers can reap the benefits without burning a hole in their pockets.

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With Farm 365 dairy farm management software at their fingertips, dairy farmers have a major leg up in increasing production and the health of their animals. Since the livestock sector plays a vital role in the economies of developing countries like India, Farmers can certainly use this digital cattle management solution to optimize their current farm practices. They would gradually be able to compete with the global market. Only then we will be able to truly pride ourselves.


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