How latest technology helps small dairy farmers?

Dairy Farming, this particular word seems to be ‘easy to do’ occupation but its meaning shifts entirely to a different side when you get into this sector. This non-peculiar sector turns peculiar when you go through the guidelines and instructions to be followed to become a successful dairy farmer. A few days back, while travelling back to my home from my office, I had a good ‘information-exchange’ session with my co-passengers in a bus. I was amazed to know the level of approaches and efforts they were making to enhance their dairy farm business.

So, out of curiosity, I started throwing up the questions like – How do you maintain the schedule chart of your cattle? How do you design the feed for them? Getting in touch with the vet is not so easy? Well, One by one they answered my all queries while concluding to a particular ‘solution’ which changed their lives.  
Let’s check out this incredible 3-solution which helps them like a Genie.

1) PashuSahayak App: This app is devoted to the help the farmers by acting as a reminder Genie in their life. Farmers have to follow a few steps to enjoy the features provided by it.  

What to do?Register your Animal: You need to fill the necessary details of your mooing pet like name, tag, date of birth, age, type, breed, current stage .girth, and weight.

What does it do?’

Animal Event: The first thing which it offers is a space to store the data.  You have to add relevant details like animal’s current stage, and the last event performed such as heat, AI, dry off, calving, etc. It will store the data and will provide you with updated information.

Animal wise alert: After filling all the details now you’ll receive animal-wise alerts for important events like heat, PD, repeat heat, calving, etc. which are needed to be performed soon.

How does it help in other ways?

Milk-Slip: You can upload milk slip on the app received from milk collection centre after depositing milk to maintain records.

Milk Collection Summary: You can store and check your milk transaction details, including daily earnings and data like Fat, SNF, quantity, etc. at any time of the day.

Upcoming Events: It keeps you updated with all the necessary information and news. It informs you about the useful practices in dairy farming and tips to boost the business.

2) Farm 365 Animal Husbandry (AH): 

This application is the second Genie for the dairy people. This app manages an extensive database of animal husbandry information and a gamut of functionalities that includes milk recording, breeding & lactation reports, vaccine & breeding notifications, calf rearing program, income & expense reports, weight changes, etc.

Why this application?

Well, there are many other factors which contribute to dairy farming, and undoubtedly they are unskippable.This app does the following things for you :

Balanced Ration in Cost Effective Way :The inclusive dairy management app prepares a low-cost nutrition ration chart based on the available information and as per the diet and nutritional need of the cattle.

Animal Census Information: You have to fill the Animal information like Calf rearing, Heat date, AI date, PD date, Calving date, Weight measurement, etc.  and store it for the future lactation purpose.

Animal-Wise Milk Recording: This app enables us to keep the record of individual lactation-wise milk production for each animal. The milk recording will be based on every ten days or daily.

Herd/Farm Management :  One can even store the data like Farm Herd average & Wet average, farm cleanliness, airiness, farm construction, etc. on the farm management app to assure the hygiene and sanitation.

Animal Wise Alerts to Farmers: This app also sends alerts or notifications on individual animal’s lifecycle event like Heat, PD check, Drying up, Weight check, Calving, Vaccination, etc. via SMS.

Well, the journey of an hour ended with a lot of information and knowledge. The attraction of farmers towards new technology, either its mobile app or software reflects the evolution of modern India.

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