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Impact of Automatic Milking on Animal Health

Automatic milking systems have gained a lot of popularity after their initial launch in the year 1992. It is one of the most popular technologies that have generated a lot of interest in the dairy farming sector. One of the primary reasons to introduce automatic milking machines was to reduce increasing labour costs. Let us take a look at how automatic milking systems work. We will additionally explore if they affect the health of animals.

Automatic milking systems for quality milk production

Several factors like equipment, the cow, the farmer, and surroundings affect the quality of milk. However, as a reliable dairy farm business owner, you cannot use these as an excuse for not delivering the highest quality of milk. You can make the right use of technology to overcome these problems. This is where an automatic milking system comes into the picture.

Why do dairy farmers opt for automatic milking systems?

One of the most time-consuming activities on any dairy farm is milking. It can easily take around 30% of the annual labour resources, which substantially increases the operational costs. With the help of automatic milking machines, it is possible to substitute farmers with robotic milking machines.

Dairy farms require regular cleaning of cows and teats along with the separation of abnormal milk Automatic milking machines aid in all these aspects as farm labours can dedicate their time towards these activities. Better social circumstances and reduced reliance on labour are the prime benefits of using automatic milking systems. Other advantages include better animal health.

Does animal health get affected because of milking machines? Research studies over the years in different countries and environments have proved that there are no adverse effects of using automatic milking machines. There are no changes to the teat condition, lameness, or body condition of cows. On the whole, there are hardly any changes observed in cows milked by automated systems in comparison with conventional parlour system. A successful transition also depends largely on the implementation and management of the technology comprehensively.

Milkeasy Milking Machine for improved animal health

Prompt has always believed in making the right use of technology for the benefit of farmers. Continuing with its legacy, Prompt has introduced the MilkEasy Milking Machine. The cow can expect complete ease as the milking machine has a gentle effect. This eliminates the risk of any injury to the cow. As the machine milk by itself, dairy farmers can concentrate on other aspects of dairy farm management for better results.

Bottom line

Miling Machine has become popular in recent years. Dairy farms that face issues like increasing labour costs or reduced supply, find the technology very useful. Even if the labour supply in excess in larger dairy farms, it can be beneficial to increase the throughput per man-hour.

Automatic milking machines can have a significant impact on the productivity of a dairy farm. It can be an investment in the right direction as dairy farmers enjoy benefits like reduced labour costs and increased milk yields. To know more on how Milkeasy Milking Machine can help you improve your dairy farm business, contact us today.

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