Kite Festival Celebration 2019

When it comes to celebrating festivals, Prompt Softech never fails to entertain its employees. This time around, it was a fantastic Kite Festival 2019 bringing the master kite flyers of Prompt together to demonstrate their kite-flying skills and set a fierce competition for their colleagues. They all left us in awe, and we could only say, “Let your kites soar high like tiny dots that color the sky!”

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8 best ways to improve early lactation and milk yield

A successful lactation promises good health and improved earning. Farmers take this aspect seriously, but somehow lack of knowledge and information becomes a constraint in better early lactation performance.Proper nutrition and good health during early lactation assure good health and performance of the cattle. One should consider all the necessary points to prevent health problems,

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How to Increase Milk Yield of a Dairy Cow and Buffalo?

The highest recorded test day milk production in a cow’s first 150 days in milk (DIM) is referred to as peak milk. Generally, farmers used peak milk to calculate the success of the dry period and early lactation nutrition and management. Peak milk reflects the how well cow accepted the feeding practices during the dry

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How latest technology helps small dairy farmers?

Dairy Farming, this particular word seems to be ‘easy to do’ occupation but its meaning shifts entirely to a different side when you get into this sector. This non-peculiar sector turns peculiar when you go through the guidelines and instructions to be followed to become a successful dairy farmer.A few days back, while travelling back

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