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Cow to Dairy Supply Chain

How do we keep it pure?

Prompt provides innovative dairy equipment for an efficient dairy procurement supply chain. From farm management and milk collection to quality analysis and preservation, we have different dairy equipment and dairy software to ensure that the purity of milk is retained at every step.

Dairy Supply Chain Products
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We have designed and developed diverse dairy software applications, products and devices specifically to serve the different stages of the dairy supply chain.
District Presence
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Today, we have a presence across 24 states and 55,000+ villages in India. We are a technology partner of India’s largest dairies and delivers digital automation to the dairy industry.
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We have a team of professional research development and knowledgeable and trained engineers. Our service engineers working 24/7 to support dairy software installations and resolve our customers’ queries.

Our Dairy Equipment in this pursuit

Our wide range of innovative dairy equipment and dairy software helps farmer as well as dairy operators maintain the purity of the milk.

PC based AMCS image

AMCS - Automatic Milk Collection System

It is a comprehensive milk collection software to digitize the entire milk collection system. The integrated, multi-platform software automates milk quality testing and analysis at the time of milk collection. It is best suitable for huge volume of milk collection.

iSmart Milk Analyzer
Milk Testing Equipment

It helps monitor the purity of milk by measuring the milk fat, SNF, added water proportion, milk density and giving an inside picture of what the milk contains.In addition, all the data are stored online on cloud and can be accessed through Bluetooth enabled mobile application

Milk Fat Testing Machine

It is a patented fully automatic milk fat measuring machine that is fast, accurate, economical, and measures 250-280 samples an hour. Fat’omatic milk fat measuring machine is also avaialble with cloud connectivity which offers online secured calibration.

Fresh from the Innovator’s Lab

Milkochill - Instant Milk Chiller

The MilkoChill is a patented technology that brings the benefits of instant milk chilling right at the doorsteps of a farmer. The system provides for instant chilling of milk even in the absence of electricity to ensure the quality of milk is retained at the source and bacterial growth is arrested. MilkoChill ensures purity of milk and better returns to the farmer

Latest from dairy industry

We’ve got the latest for you to check out what’s happening in and around the dairy industry all gathered just beneath!
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