A revolutionary instant milk chiller that chills milk at source.

The MilkoChill is a patented technology that brings the benefits of instant milk chilling right at the doorsteps of a farmer. The system provides for instant chilling of milk even in the absence of electricity to ensure the quality of milk is retained at the source and bacterial growth is arrested. MilkoChill ensures the purity of the milk is preserved at the farmer doorstep to provide a better return to the farmer.

Instant Chilling based on Unique Thermodynamic design

Application of patented evaporator & multi utility heat pump licensed from IIT, Mumbai.

Hot water generation

Additionally, up to 100 LPD of hot water, at 55°C, is produced as a by-product from heat recovery which can be used for equipment cleaning-in-place (CIP) and cattle sanitation.

Low energy consumption

The patented technology helps the system to operate much more efficiently compared to conventional systems.


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Product Highlights

Instantly Chills 250 Litres in one hour

Low energy consumption (<1000W)

Generates 100 Litres of hot water (@ 55°C)


Key Features

  • Economical with a good ROI
  • Easy to operate and low maintenance cost
  • Scalable and compact
  • Reduces spoilage and improves shelf life
  • Facilitates milk quality management and increases farmer income
  • Generates hot water as a bonus from heat recovery
  • Can be connected with grid power or solar power
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