BovSmart Animal Heat Detection System

How to improve dairy reproduction results with the right technology

As a dairy farm owner, you must already be knowing how costly it could prove if you miss even a single heat of your cow. If you miss multiple heats, the loss can only be imagined. Further, when heats are not detected, dairy farm owners have to spend more labour and time to track and breed cows. To become successful with their dairy farm, the owners must have a successful breeding plan in place. The process of reproduction and milk production are related and a successful breeding plan must have a very efficient heat detection process.

An efficient heat detection process must ideally identify the animals when they are in heat, identify the best time for insemination, communicate to the right person at the right time to inseminate the animal. Due to the increased animal productivity in India, heat detection has always been a problem for dairy farmers. The symptoms of heat are becoming weak its duration is also becoming very short. Studies have also proved that on many occasions, animals show heat symptoms at night only. These issues have further compounded the problems of dairy farm owners and heat detection has become a problem with traditional methods. This has led to a decreasing conception rate and the subsequent impact on the business of dairy farms.

To counter this problem, Prompt Dairytech has designed the innovative BovSmart Animal Heat Detection System. Here is a complete overview of the system and how it will help you boost your dairy farm business.

What is BovSmart Animal Heat Detection System?

It is an animal wearable device made with a comfortable and non-invasive IoT (Internet of Things) solution. It is specifically designed to detect the onset of the cow’s heat cycle and works with almost 90 per cent accuracy. It has a special algorithm that helps farm owners in timely breeding with high success rates.

Two reasons why you must opt for BovSmart Animal Heat Detection System

  1. Monitors cow activity 24/7

Farm owners might not find it feasible to monitor cows all the time, more so when they are on pasture for a significant time of the day. Usually, there are only 1.5 mounts/hour/cow and each one would last for an average of five seconds, while the heat of a cow is around six to eight hours. It clearly depicts that for almost one-third time of the day, cows are in heat but spend only few minutes standing to be mounted. It is a very short period to catch a cow in heat. During milking and feeding time, a cow’s heat activity will be the lowest and it also the time when dairy farm staff is most likely to be with them. The heat activity of cows is the highest during evening and night hours when the distraction is less.

The BovSmart Animal Heat Detection System works round the clock and detects the heat of cows based on their movement and activities. Even chin resting and sniffing is detected to ensure that no heat is missed. The system records data precisely and provides actionable insights to inseminate the cow at the right time for best conception chances.

  1. Detects cows that do not show heat

To prevent losses, it is important for dairy farm owners to remain informed about cows that do not show any signs of heat. There could be several reasons due to which cows might not show any signs of heat. The BovSmart Animal Heat Detection System monitors such activities precisely and provides comprehensive data about cows that are not ovulating.

Why farm owners must opt for BovSmart Animal Heat Detection System

Not every smart collar for cows can be as effective as the BovSmart Animal Heat Detection System because of the following reasons:

  • Reduces the need for any expensive offline software.
  • Provides highly-accurate data.
  • Covers a bigger area with a larger cattle size so that the system can be shared a group of farm owners.
  • Provides 24-hour animal calibration.

Get your BovSmart Animal Heat Detection System today and make your dairy farm effective and successful.


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