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Two Strong Reasons to Adopt Cow Monitoring System

It is well known that for a successful dairy farm, successful breeding plan is the backbone. Milk production and reproduction go hand in hand. For a successful breeding plan, it is essential that your heat detection process must be very efficient.
When we say efficient Heat Detection, it means identification of animal in heat, identification of correct time of insemination and informing the correct person on time and thus inseminating the animal on the specific time.
In India heat detection has become a significant concern of dairy farmers due to the increase in animal productivity and India being in a tropical country, heat symptoms are becoming weak, and duration of standing heat is getting shorter. Also, major study says that an animal is showing heat symptoms during night time only.
Due to this, it is challenging to observe the cows in the heat with a traditional method, and because of this, missing heat are increasing, or we can say the conception rate is dropping. This ultimately impacts negatively on dairy farm profitability.

What does BovSmart activity monitoring system do?

BovSmart eases the most vital process as it informs the farmers about the specific time of heat & time window for insemination. Thus this smart cattle monitoring system contributes to getting cows pregnant without missing single heat, thus adding more money in your pocket.

The two most prominent reasons which will compel you to adopt this new smart cow monitoring system are :

1) Monitors Cow Activities- 24*7 :

There are visible signs which informs about the cattle being in the heat but catching those signs requires an engagement of 24/7, which is practically not possible. Typically, there are only 1.5 mounts/hour/cow, and each mount lasts four-to-six seconds.

A cow’s heat continues for six-to-eight hours. The probability of heat of cow is high during the night time, i.e. between 7 pm to 7 am. However, it shows less chances during the day time and least during miking and feeding time. Thus aiding the fact that it shows maximum stress when you or your staffs are sleeping.

Cattle monitoring system works for 24/7 hours, leaving no space for any failure. It detects the heat on the basis of cattle’s & group’s movement and activities. It even examine the indications like sniffing and chin resting to ensure no heat is missed. The cattle monitoring system does the precise observation and stores the accurate data to provide actionable insight about the optimum time to inseminate for the highest chance of conception.

2) Informs about the cows not showing heat :

Being uninformed about the cows which are not showing any heat may plunge you into a significant loss. The reason for not showing up the heat can depend on various factors like sore feet or legs, heat stress or ketosis complications or she may not be cycling anymore.

The cattle monitoring system keeps an eye on every cow and its heat period and provides reliable data about the non-ovulating cow.
The smart heat detection allows the farmer to know about the health of reproductive system and provides a chance to improve.

Dairy farm owner can analyse the reason behind sterility and work on a cow to improve her health through effective treatment.

In short, the smart detector provides the analytic data, which helps in getting the reason behind why a cow did not come into heat. The data helps in making an informed decision which ultimately aims to improve the milk yield.

Why BovSmart Instead of other heat monitoring system?
Tying a smart collar around a neck of cattle sometimes does not allow you to be completely carefree. There are many smart collars available in the market but serves with some loopholes.

  • Our BovSmart Collar is promising and provides exclusive features.
    No-dependency on high-cost offline software.
    Highly accurate data.
    Covers large radius area, enables the system to share by large group of farmers.
    24-hour Animal calibration.
    covers n-number of cattle.

Hope, you have interpreted the importance of reliable smart heat detection system and would wish to surpass all the looming loses. Get the BovSmart cattle activity monitoring system and make your dairy farming smart and more successful.

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