BovSmart - Animal Heat Detection System

BovSmart- A Smart Device to Monitor Cow’s Activity  

No one has ever thought that one day, dairy farming would be the new attraction for technology. Surprisingly, the world has accepted and adjusted itself with this new technology revolution.
IoT, the trending technology has gifted advanced and updated solutions for dairy business to the collection centre. But at dairy farming level technology was lacking, and finally, the new wearable tag has desisted all the missing.
More about Animal Activity Monitoring System.
The animal wearable designed and developed by Prompt Equipment is full-featured with advance technology. The IoT-based and cloud-connected collar, collect and monitors data of animal’s activity, rumination and provide timely alerts to ensure timely breeding and Treatment.

How will it help you?

If you are managing a large farm, then maintaining the record of each cattle is an onerous task. A bit of carefree attitude might cause a loss of 3,000-3,500 bucks per missed heat per animal. Sensor-embedded wearables produced by Prompt Equipment can rescue you from undesired losses.

How does it work?
·       Catches the movement: The BovSmart wearable tag records the daily activity of the cattle and predicts the estrus based on the change in activity level.
·       It compares the daily movement with the changing movement of the cattle.
·       Compares the movement of cattle with the other animals of the group.
·       Detects Specific activity pattern which only happens at the time of estrus.
·       The difference observed in the activities of a cattle informs about the Estrus period of the animal.

Why should you buy this tag for your Cattle?

Failure in Detecting a single Heat of the cattle can cause a considerable loss and disturbs the normal reproduction cycle of the animal. And if the heat missed many times, then it will increase the inter-calving for the animal and that will lead to huge losses.  Indeed, this new tech-based and data storing wearable tag can ease your work in every way. The wearables come along Prompt Receiver Unit and Antenna. Here are a few listed reasons you won’t be able to ignore :

  • It provides real-time monitoring and remote tracking of cattle.
  • Records rumination profile, ambient temperature, etc.
  • Real-time monitoring of oestrus and animal health.
  • Timely alerts sent to the farmer through SMS or email regarding general health, digestive health, lameness & oestrus.

Why should you purchase the Prompt’s Animal Heat Detection System?

  • The large coverage area of the antenna.
  • Minimum tags calibration time enables the system to use the same tag on multiple animals.
  • Store data of a large number of cattle.
  • Does Not Require a Desktop system or Software for the operation of the system
  • Facilitates no reliability on labour.
  • Mobile App Enables farmers to access data 24X7 from Anywhere
  • Highly accurate.

Unskippable Features :

  • Immediate Alerts from activity tag for oestrus (heat) detection.
  • Collar Worn wireless activity tag also works in tied animals
  • In case of a lost collar or ill cow, farm staff is alerted immediately.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Software for cow-related data processing and in-browser visualization.
  • Economical and robust.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Activity plot preview determined by the system.


  • Increases breeder’s efficiency and saves time.
  • Improves farm management.
  • Optimize the cost of inputs such as labour, Semen, & hormonal Treatment
  • 24 Hour calibration of the tag enables it to be used on multiple cows.
  • Farmers can view and edit data of their farms anytime, anywhere
  • Reduces Dependency on the manpower and reduce the chance of human error


In a Nutshell:

If you have been worried about the breeding performance of your dairy farm and wants to implement a preventive health care program BovSmart is the best solution you can get.

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