Prompt Parivar Privacy Policy



This privacy statement applies to your use of the Prompt Parivar App for mobile devices, which was published by Prompt softech. We value your privacy and are dedicated to safeguarding it.


The terms “you” and “yours” relate to Prompt Parivar application users, and the term “services” refers to any Prompt Parivar App services.


Please read this policy carefully to learn about Prompt Parivar App’s privacy policies and practices, as well as how this application will handle your data.


If you do not supply the Prompt Parivar App with the required information, the application may be unable to perform its services to you.


All of the Prompt Parivar app’s policies and terms apply to both current and prospective app users.



What kind of data does the app collect and how is it used?


All of the Prompt Parivar app’s policies and terms apply to both current and prospective app users.


We must receive or collect certain information in order to manage, provide, improve, understand, customize, support, or promote our Prompt Parivar App services, which includes:


1- Mobile Number 


The user’s mobile number is collected in order to gain access to our application’s authentication permission. The application will not be able to run without the user’s mobile number. To use the software, farmers must provide their cell phone numbers.




We’re gathering gender information in order to obtain farmer data and gender information. This data is utilized by the application to store the farmers’ information. This information is 100% confidential and will not be shared with any third party.


3- Mobile ID


Unique mobile device identifier (eg. IDFA or other device IDs on Apple devices like the iPhone and Ipad), if you are using our application we may collect mobile IDs to track the user ID as the use of the Prompt Parivar application gives access to one user per login which means, only one user can access the application in their login id. This is our feature for providing service to the user of the Prompt Parivar Application.


4- Location:


We may collect and analyze location information from your mobile device if the Prompt Parivar Application uses one of the location-enabled services (for example, when you open your application from your mobile device). This app uses location permission to communicate with BLE devices, such as seeking Parivarions and sending data. Your physical location is not stored or shared with any server or third party. We only save this information for as long as it is required to provide you with our service. Our app has no limitations, and the user has complete control over whether or not to use the feature.


5- SMS:


This is an optional feature in the app where you are asked to provide SMS authorization for your phone number in order for the app to send you notifications. This allows farmers to keep track of how their milk is consumed by clients by receiving messages from them and being informed about any modifications to the application. If a user wants to disable the SMS feature in any case, they can do so from the Prompt Parivar App. No third party can see or access the user’s information in any way.


6- Access to the Gallery and the Camera


The Prompt Parivar App requests access to the camera and gallery in order to collect and send User Documents photographs to the server for verification. Because we provide Document Storage for User in the app during verification, this feature allows users to take photos of Adhaarcard, Pancard, etc. or checks for User verification and upload them to the server.


Does the Prompt Parivar Application collect precise real-time location information of the device?

No, this app does not keep track of or use user location data.


Is the information gathered by the Application visible and/or accessible to third parties?

No. Only you and your company have access to the data that has been entered or logged by this application. Any change in ownership or uses of your information, as well as any preferences you may have regarding this information, will be disclosed to you via email and/or a conspicuous notice on our Web site if developer business Name is involved in a merger, acquisition, or sale of all or a portion of its assets.


What options do users have if they want to opt-out?

You can stop all collection of information by the Application easily by uninstalling the Application. You may use the standard uninstall processes as may be available as part of your mobile device or via the mobile application marketplace or network.


Security and Precautions Concerning Data

At Prompt, we are concerned about maintaining the confidentiality of your data, and we take security very seriously. We protect the information we process and maintain through physical, electronic, and administrative safeguards. Our team is dedicated to responding to all security issues in a fast and responsible manner, as well as preserving the data and privacy of all users. We, for example, restrict access to this data to authorized personnel and contractors who require it to operate, develop, or improve our Application. Please be advised that, while we strive to provide acceptable protection for the information we handle and maintain, no security system can guarantee complete security.

Policy Changes

For any reason, this Privacy Policy may be modified from time to time. Any changes to our Privacy Policy will be communicated to you by posting the updated Privacy Policy here and contacting you through email or text message. It is recommended that you review this Privacy Policy on a frequent basis for any changes, as continuous usage implies acceptance of all changes. This policy’s history may be found by clicking here.

Your Consent 

You agree to this privacy policy and consent to Prompt Parivar App collecting, utilizing, and protecting your personal information as indicated above by accessing or using our application. If you do not agree with the policies of the Prompt Parivar App you won’t be able to access the application.


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