Milk: A potential gamechanger for ensuring world health

This World Health Day, while we are talking about the aspects of one’s physical and mental wellbeing, we should also have a look at our not-so-distant past. If there’s one thing this pandemic has made us all realise, it’s the importance of having a strong immunity and nutrition. There is no denying that good nutrition is indispensable for a long-sustained healthy lifestyle. The outbreak profoundly highlighted the loopholes in our dietary habits and forced us to adapt to healthier food options.

On a brighter note, the fact that India is the world’s largest milk producer offers us a solution. Milk has been an integral part of our lives across the length and breadth of the socio-economic paradigm. For a long time now, a growing section of experts has advocated more prominent use of milk to maintain good health. However, for milk to be a viable nutritional option, ensuring milk quality is of paramount importance.

This is where the Dairy-tech industry needs to take the initiative. We need to make the most of technology and ensure that the world gets goodness of milk as made by nature. The theme of this year’s World Health Day “Our Planet, Our Health” strongly resonates with us at Prompt. We develop sustainable products and solutions which ensure that the right quality of milk is delivered to each household. Every aspect of our business has quality and purity at heart, so that we can give good health for generations to come.

World Health Day gives us an occasion to introspect and reimagine a new world with clean air, water and food. I firmly hope and believe that we all can come together to ensure better health – physical, mental and spiritual for every life on our planet.

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